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New use for this icon: dealing with the visa

So I actually made the appointment tonight for the visa: we're going in for our interview on August 25th. Tonight J and I started going through the documents we need to do it and it's all sorts of frustrating because the things they asked for aren't clear on such simple things as "do you mean for the last 3 months, 2 years, or 5 years?" Massive argh.

Anyway, taking the conservative route, tomorrow I need to do this (per Immigrationboards.com):

Q - Do I require P60s for all 5 years?
A - It is advisable to have P60s as that is the easiest way to provide evidence of your economic activeness (for Tier 1 holders) and to confirm that your employment was in line with visa that was granted (for Work Permit holders). If you do not have P60s, then you can call HMRC and they can send you a letter showing your tax history and income for last 5 years. Usually the HMRC letter arrives within 2 weeks
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