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Shows! Shows! Shows!

So Sunday was a double header for me - something I almost never do. But a Dickensian promenade sounded too tempting, and the fact it actually was a 20 minute interior show in the end meant the Uncommercial Traveller wound up being better than it might have been given the torrents out doors. As for the promised walk, well, I can still take myself on it.

Almost best of all was that I had booklectic with me for most of the day, but joy! I had a djm4 (newly employed!) and a exedore join us for Mexican Hayride, which none of us liked too much but was at least rendered memorable by the giant piles of racism in act two. Red Indians, anyone? Frankly I'm not too surprised this one has been "lost," as I wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole. Nice music, though.

Of course both of these were better than A Woman Killed with Kindness, which I saw on Tuesday night. It's down there in the one star zone, where plays live that make you yearn for a chance to run away into the night. Thankfully tonight broke my bad streak with the "Double Feature" at the National - the first play, about surveilled terrorists, was just amazing in a 1984 kind of way. I'll review it soon. Sadly I had to leave before the second act but no way was I heading home at 11 PM. Speaking of which ... time for bed.
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