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Interview questions for a test manager

These are some of the questions I was asked during my interview with MajorRetailer. B denotes when expansion was asked for after my initial response.

1. How would you estimate the time needed to do testing for a project? B. What if you didn't have previous stats to go on?
2. Tell me about a time you pushed back. B. And it was successful.
3. How are you at non-functional testing?
4. What do you know about operational acceptance testing?
5.  How would you evaluate how good a tester is?
6. What would your boss say you need to work on?
7. Tell me about how you dealt with a diffficult employee.
8. How do you evaluate the completeness of a test plan?
9. How do you feel about working in India? B How about for a fortnight every month?
10. What is your experience dealing with overseas team?
11. A member of the offshore team calls and says he is blocked. What do you do?

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Tags: a day in the life of a test manager, job, job hunt
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