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The school year kicks off; Golden Dragon review

Well, the trip to La Rochelle was really fun and deserves a good write up, but not at a quarter after 7 in the morning. Mind you, I shouldn't even be up this early, not up on the computer anyway, but I cleverly woke up an hour early with nightmares about giving my old cat Hestia a bath and inadvertently drowning her. So I'm up, and about to spend the day in Chesterfield trying to be a boss. I've been doing a poor job of that lately because I'm still totally checked out from my job. When, when will the dam break and the new fall jobs start showing up? At least, can't the place I'm supposed to interview next week (for a job I now really want despite the fact it will probably require me to spend at least four nights a month in Belgium) make up their minds and give me an interview date? I've been holding every evening open that week for AGES and I want to start making plans for the rest of the week. Grrrr.

Yesterday (aside from feeling like the stupidity of work was hitting me with a sledgehammer from the moment I walked in the door) I had a great dinner with bondagewoodelf and P (who I haven't seen on LJ for so long I can't remember her name), having a big old catchup after two years and maybe making some plans for seeing each other in the future. Afterward I came home and wrote up my review of Golden Dragon, a show supposedly about the immigrant experience which just bored me to death, really. It's sad when you want to tweet during a show just because you're bored; it was too dark for me to get back to book two of Stacia Kane's "Downside Ghosts" series, which I am really loving. Oddly Tuesday night, upon my return, was also meal with a friend and catching up about the same event, but from babysimon's perspective. It's really good for me to be spending so much time with people; even if my wallet doesn't need me to be eating out so much, my head really needs me to be this social.

Grouse as I might about the plays I've seen lately, one was awesome: Mercy Seat, about a couple trying to figure out how they could turn the 9/11 disaster to their advantage. It was a fantastic portrait of a very twisted relationship and I HIGHLY recommend it - it's about 90 minutes and only 12 quid so GO.

With that, time to head out for the day. Bleah.
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