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Sort of the day I planned with not enough food and bonus tulips

Thursday is my favorite day to visit my team in Chesterfield because it's market day there. This is good as it means I can look at quasi-antiques all day long; this is bad because actually I'm supposed to be having meetings and stuff and actually getting across the two squares where the market is held is like wading through sticky toffee. There is just so much to look at. I mean, check out this horrible video:

simultaneously offensive on so many levels and yet also a learning point about English culture.

Or you can admire this:

Anyway, clearly it's full of distractions. I nearly missed it all today thanks to a cascading series of public transport disasters, including 1) signal failure on the Northern line (about the only way to get out of Tooting) 2) crap stuck in the door of the Victoria line train I switched to 3) passenger alarm being pulled. It was like a conspiracy. Still, a last minute sprint across the upper level of St Pancras and I made the 8:55 train at 8:54. Thank God I was aiming to be there for 8:40 or I would have not made it at all. To celebrate my good luck, I later bought a lottery ticket; however, my loser's breakfast was a cookie rather than the bacon sandwich I'd been dreaming off when I walked out the door. That said, it was a cookie from Ile D'Aix, and about the size of my hand (and filled with raspberry jam), so it was still both tasty and filling.


Anyway, in addition to buying some tulip bulbs, I worked on mending fences with the manager there ... not Fossa (who's left) but her former 2nd in command, who's now running the show but has no tiara to show for it (much less a raise). And I also spent a long time talking to the woman who works on my team who broke her leg in three places back in December. She started crying at one point; I reached forward and stroked her shoulder but didn't really say anything mooshy or offer to give her a hug or anything: is this the right way to handle it? Touching extremities is allowed for same sex in the office in general, but I felt like I was both giving her dignity by not being too sympathetic (and I felt like I didn't know her well enough to justify a hug!) but then wondered if I should have said more rather than just basically sitting there in what I was hoping was an "it's okay to cry, life is like this some times" kind of way. Your feedback welcome.

I headed back around 3 PM, getting a "earn your monkey chow" phone call in which I explained to a PM that taking a build with a pile of new bug fixes from a notoriously low quality vendor was not actually likely to result in giving him something he wanted to roll out to the business at 9 AM the next day, given that 1) there was going to be more new bugs, it's just math 2) there was something they were going to release that in my mind was going to at the least garner us negative publicity and at worst maybe get us a lawsuit. He said he'd try to get everything tested (somehow) that evening, but at 6 PM the whole thing was pulled, as I expected it would be. This left me free to enjoy my dinner with dreamsewingmiko and then our puppet show at the Barbican.

And I have an interview set up to possibly be a COO of a company on September 22nd. How cool is that?
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