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Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維

A few dance reviews

I was really too busy to bother writing blog entries last week, but I was having a great time: going to four dance shows in four nights (actually four in three days as I took Friday off to play games). Be glad I wasn't blogging this nightly: my writeup of my visit to the Merce Cunningham dance troupe's farewell visit to London was over 1600 words. I wrote it like it was "my last date with Merce." It's a bit sappy.

I did manage to see a second dance troupe perform in the middle of all this: the Royal Ballet, for a Saturday matinee. I really enjoyed it, too. Who'd think I could see two dance shows in one day and find them both equally energizing? And in the middle I interviewed someone for my blog, a guy who's staging "The Dunwich Horror" as part of the London Horror Festival (ooh baby HP Lovecraft on stage again!). But then I got sick so I'm afraid I haven't written that up yet. Stay tuned. Some day I may actually be a real writer.
Tags: ballet, dance, merce cunningham, reviews
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