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Day after Halloween

No catch-up, just yesterday: had two big things at work, the first a hearing into whether I was bullied by an ass hat, the second a goodbye to the guy who was my sanity and wingman for two years. #1 got me props for having a backbone, the second, well, I was completely unemotional throughout the gift buying, last lunch, speech making (I think it was good) and drinks at pub. I've just said goodbye to so many friends and coworkers I don't let myself get into that blue space.

Then I went to the Courtyard Theater to see "Return of the Grand Guignol," four short macabre plays. The second was brilliant and had me jump in my seat. But the great part of the night was my date, off OK Cupid. I'm getting a lot of noise off that site but this guy and I have really clicked (or so it seems). This bodes well for operation Fix My Head. Next up, Lovecraft play Saturday; for tonight, Pilates and then a visit from eglantinedreams. And oil painting class starts Thursday!

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