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Review, "My City" and "13"

I've been forgetting to post my reviews up here. From Monday night, I've got "My City," which J and I saw with lastwordy at the Almeida - it's about some adults running into their former elementary school teachers and the secrets they all discover about each other. Or something like that. Anyway, it stars Tracey Ullman and was pretty enjoyable but I suspect not for the reasons it was supposed to be. Bonus: Imelda Staunton was in the bar at the end of the night, but I did not fangrrl her.

Last week I saw "13," the new play by Mike Bartlett that's about riots, war, and the need to believe. Or something. It was great spectacle but ultimately dissatisfying, enough so that the National's doing a deal on top price tickets at two for one. I got a lot more satisfaction with street dance dystopia "Some Like It Hip Hop," which drew much more from Shakespeare than from Billy Wilder (and is Recommended).

Meanwhile I'm behind on a review for the Grand Guignol play I saw Monday night and will likely never write up the puppet show I saw on Sunday; so many shows, so little time to write. And tonight is the first night of my oil painting class. Oh well, I'm sure keeping busy is good for me, and I am looking forward to being taught how to paint.
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