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Roommate hunt update

I'm in day 3 of the flat mate search. I reposted my ad on SpareRoom.com on Monday and have been getting a steady stream of emails since then. I'm holding off having any of them over to look at the room until next week, when the last of my three hopefuls will let me know if she for a place or not. Hopeful one was my old roommate from this summer - she's not answering my emails (hasn't for two months) so that's not very good. Number 2 was a friend of eglantinedreams - but he's decided not to move at all (his parents are paying his rent from what I understand so he can stay). Number 3 is a girl who used to live in the neighborhood but gave up on London life when she couldn't get a new job that paid her enough to afford to keep living here - then suddenly a job she'd applied for ages ago suddenly came through, after she'd moved back to her parent's place in York! She'll know Monday.

Thing for me is that there's something about my roommate's financial situation that makes me think she's going to bolt before the end of her notice period. I've been letting her pay me weekly as that's how she gets paid at her temp job. She's paid now through this Monday but I feel like she could easily just disappear on Wednesday and leave me holding the bag. Given that for my budget this month, it's my roommate income that's paying for my food the last two weeks of the month, I'd really like to have her not disappear on me.

Meanwhile last night was something very different for me, a pub quiz - I'd never done one before but someone invited me to this and I just couldn't say no as most of the people who were going were theater lovers (and it was ten minutes from work). My team, 3 Men, 3 Guv'nors (a team of three men and women) - won! I was very surprised. The prize was, tastefully enough, theater tickets, only unfortunately our team captain picked a show that's closing really soon so I won't actually be able to go.

Today it's going to be Pilates after work and then games playing at a pub at London Bridge, Thursday is oil painting again, and the weekend will be Inverness to see noirem. I'm looking forward to all of it but MAN I wish I didn't have the roommate thing hanging over my head.
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