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Sunny Wednesday - movie and community meeting tonight

Q; Why do I feel like the victim of a misplaced spell at Hogwarts?
A: Because my ass is draggin'!

It's super sunny outside, but I feel like I can hardly move. I just want to lay down and go back to sleep. I don't know if I'm not getting enough exercise or sleep, or if there's something more insidious going on here ... but I'm taking a walk with Elliot (in which we will practice our Japanese) around lunchtime, and hopefully that and the cup of tea I'll be having soon will help. Otherwise, work today will consist of trying to plow through a rather painful test plan - I've got three more days to write it and a lot of work to do on it still.

The local dailies are good for something. The Seattle Times made me laugh by asking how the Westminster dog show made me feel and giving the option of "I watch to get styling tips for my poodle." Please, pick this as your favorite! And in the P-I today I see the artistic directors of the local ballet company are going to retire. While I'll be glad to get rid of Kent's bad choreography, I am concerned about what this will mean for the school. (Yes, I am a dance fan but I usually don't write about it.)

Tonight we're going to see Robert Altman's new movie, The Company, conveniently playing at 7:15 at the Harvard Exit. Beforehand we're going to try to rush to a meeting at 6 at the hospital near our house to help plan a new neighborhood cultural center - something we've been working on as a part of one process or another for a year and a half.

Does all of this somehow feed in to while it is I feel so damned shagged out this morning? I mean for chrissakes it's almost 10 AM and I'm still wiped ...

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