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Rejiggering the system

I went home and took a long nap after leaving work early yesterday. When I woke up, I popped an iron supplement (then went to the community meeting about creating an arts center ... boring!). I'm hoping I'm all full of energy today ... I'll be sure to add in a walk over lunch to see if more exercise helps.

We finally went to see The Company last night, and I loved it. I'm a horrible person to try to pretend to say anything objective about it, though, because I love ballet and almost all of the ballet scenes were fabulous. I loved "watching" the performances from the wings and seeing what goes on in the studio. As a Robert Altman flick, it was even more loosely structured than Gosford Park, but that didn't make it unpleasant - I just felt like I was going along for a ride. Actually, it contrasted interestingly with other documentary-like movies, such as Best in Show - but this was so much better, because 90% of the performers were actually playing themselves - as the ballet dancers that they are. I'd consider giving the film three stars, but the cinematography pulled it into the 3 1/2 category - it's an overused word in describing film, but true in this case: The Company was luminous. The ballet looked better on camera than in some cases it would have from the audience. It was also very sexy in parts, but not in a heavy handed way. I mean, dancers look good, and there were lots of them, sometimes wearing very little. I may go back and see this one again!

And apparently I'm a lemming because I signed up for LiveJournal Valentines.

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