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Freaky time

So I thought I had a job lined up - God knows I've done the interviews - but now they're waffling because not only do I want to work my notice, I want to stay 2 weeks longer so I can get my bonus. It's about 15% of my salary and I don't think they're going to want to give me that kind of signing bonus, really. So now I don't know.

And there's my uncle, the youngest of the three brothers. he called me today to ask me to do some identity verification of this guy who's got a lot of money locked up in an English bank account but needs someone to lend him some money to pay some taxes to the UK government so he can transfer the money to Germany. Classic scam: and he wants to do this with "family money." FFS. I told him if it was family money, just give it to me, and I could invest it in a house. But no. I told him to send me the information on these supposed bankers and the supposed tax that needs to be paid and I'd do some research. He said it was a big hurry; I told him I was sure it was not as most UK banks were going to be practically closing down over Christmas.

It's a scam and he doesn't want to listen to me. What should I do?

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Tags: family, job hunt

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