December 21st, 2002

Sea dragon

Wee little trip to the Wolf

With no work the next day, what was to keep me from a trip to the Wolf? BecBec and ShadowDaddy came, as well as Miss Maya. My opening song was "For No One," a very sad song for me (it felt rushed, damn that karaoke box) and my second and last song was "Break It to Me Gently," the Juice Newton version of course. It was stupendous, and the delightful Miss Erin not only talked to me but showed me her horse tattoo! Yowsa! And she was very open to my song suggestions. The fog was descending over 14th street as I left, and Shadowdaddy dragged me back inside to see Erin do "Angie." God, I love that girl! She's the best Karaoke babe EVER!
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