December 30th, 2002

Sea dragon

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Back at work after a week off. I'm still feeling very weird about not knowing what my life will hold in even two months. I'm trying to rally the troops to send letters and stuff about the development on the park near my house.

I'm on strike because I got a pissy note from another blogger about a comment I made in his blog, and I'm wondering what the hell I blog for if he clearly has no reason to be doing it. Or maybe I just want to be pissy to him and say, neenur neenur, you can't read my blog 'cuz I'm hiding it from you. Considering how crapy my site stats were while I was on vacation it's clear that sans blog not much is happening there. I want to get a new site going with the results of all of the game testing I've done over the years. Unfortunately most of the obvious URLs are taken.

My happiness today is all about my new StoneFly shoes which I got for dimes on the dollar from Sierra Trader. Yay nice soft comfy shoes with no holes in them!
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