December 31st, 2002

Sea dragon

It's the end of the year as I knew it

Going to the closing performance of the Nutcracker last night was pretty fun. As I expected, seeing it in the 5th Avenue Theater was a real treat. We were able to sneak down an entire section and get much better views than we paid for, although we still didn't get to see the top half of the Christmas tree when it did its growing trick.

All of the second act scenes, which were set in a Pasha's palace, looked like the inside of a jewelry box with the theater as the gold and white box. Carrie and Bakthurel looked great together, Arianna looked bored as she always does when playing the peacock. PNB really needs to get the first act cleaned up, though. There's just too many damn kids on stage and the action lacks a focus. But it cracked me up when the curtain dropped at the end and I could hear the ballerinas screaming with excitement that it was ALL OVER for the year.

Meanwhile I'm still not very focused at work yet. I forgot all of my log ins and the various file locations while I was gone, as well as some of the standard testing procedures we had set up before I left like when to do status updates. But my commute times have been fabulous thanks to the low holiday traffic. Today I made it here in 25 minutes, and measured the distance door to door as 21.9 miles. I cooked out!

Tomorrow I'm planning on eating ham and black eyed peas, and making soap with BecBec. In the evening we're going to see the Korean movie that's playing at the Crest. Thursday is happy hour at the Comet with Stephanie at 6:30. Friday could be Spin the Bottle but I might be over that now.

Here's my little ditty for work today (to Journey's "Don't Stop Believing"):

"Don't crash my machine, hold on to that data -ah -ah -ah
"Don't show the blue screen, whoa-oh-ohhhhhh ..."
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    "Don't Crash My Machine" (to Journey's Don't Stop Believing)
Sea dragon

Science, religion, free will?

I see Christianity as a comforting belief system on par with Greek mythology. But is free will the same thing? According to an article in the New York Times, it is. How creepy. To quote:

Dr. Wegner quotes Arthur C. Clarke's remark that "any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." Because we cannot possibly understand how the fantastically complex machines in our skulls really work, Dr. Wegner says, we explain our behavior in terms of such silly, occult concepts as "the self" and "free will." Our belief in our personal identity and self-control does have its uses, Dr. Wegner grants; without it, "we might soon be wearing each other's underclothing."