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I am Ironman - nahnah nahnahnahnahnah nah nahnah

The last week and a half at work have been bad for me. Why? Not too much work, not unsupportive staff. No, it's been me and the way my head has been feeling - like it was sitting in a tank full of green jello (with fruit in it). Yesterday scarlettina suggested I might be low on iron. (And here, look at this description of the symptoms of low iron:
* Fatigue
* Lack of energy
* Dizziness
Now, I'm not sure what the difference is between fatigue and lack of energy, but this describes EXACTLY how I've been feeling.) And I know I haven't touched a leafy green vegetable (in an intimate way) for about three weeks now, so the possibility that this could be a problem was high. I followed her suggestion, and today I feel SO MUCH BETTER. Thank you, scarlettina!

Despite my new energy (which leaves me not needing to take a walk in a futile effort to boost my brain activity level), I went on a walk today up the hill behind work and practiced my Japanese with Melanie and Elliot. We popped into the BCC cafeteria, where I got some lunch, and my fortune cookie says "You have the makings of a leader, not a follower"! That's one for the bulletin board! (Melanie's guess was that it would say "Your build will not be released on time," but it didn't take any kind of special tester-fu to get that one right.)

In other news, I've just now got the build we were promised at noon, so I need to get testing. When I'm through, I need to jump back on my test plan for The Very Big Project I'm in Charge of Testing, which was thoroughly trashed by coworker (and testing guru) Ken as "a nice job for level one" (it being, of course, my level two, "except of course a level two is supposed to have most of your test cases in it," DOH!).

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