January 15th, 2003

Sea dragon

First design review tonight

With any luck, when I get home tonight my house will be looking much better than when I left. I decided to go for having the housekeeper come over, although given my current level of (rotating) debt and uncertain job future perhaps I shouldn't be so indulgent. I seemed to spend most of last night (after I got home, went to the grocery store, then got home again) getting ready for her, which means of course that before she even showed up the house was already looking much better. But I really don't enjoy cleaning the house after 10 PM. I just wanted to sit down and work on my paint-by-numbers calendar and get to sleep at a decent hour.

Tonight is the first DCLU meeting on the proposed housing development. This of course is not my idea of an exciting way to spend my evening, but somehow I think it's necessary. Afterwards is supposed to be Mah Jong but I'm sorely tempted to blow it off and head to the 8:30 show of La Jeteeif I can blow out of the DCLU meeting. The rush is on, of course, because tomorrow is supposed to be my big debut at The Grind, in preparation for my article. On top of the two "picks" I'm doing, I'm going to get a lot in print for the next issue!

Speaking of La Jetee, the idea of a foreign movie club is getting some traction. What's not to like about having a monthly date to see a movie and then talk about it afterwards? It's like all the intellectual stimulation of a book club without all the hard work (and the people who show up not having finished the story). I wonder if other people might be interested?
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Sea dragon

DCLU meeting a bust

I left work early so I could take the dogs out and eat before the DCLU meeting, but when I got there I found out (as Bill has said) that the meeting wasn't really taking place. It wasn't actually cancelled, but they were going to, only it was too short notice, so they held it anyway only without the "third" DCLU board member so it wasn't official.

The important stuff, of course, wasn't what was officially said, but what the "officials" said to each other before and after. First, the guy from DCLU said that Ron Sims had told him to cancel the meeting. Then the mousy woman from Arai said that the whole project could be going away, "and wouldn't that be a shame for the community to lose this opportunity." To which I said, "My community already has plenty of affordable housing, thanks, but if we lost the open space that would be forever." I also told her that it was another community that had asked for this project, not me. She also was under the impression that if the money went away for this project we would never get phase Two (the part we want.)

During the presentation there was much made about how everything was up in the air right now (music to my ears), and that most comments couldn't really specifically address the proposal because no one knew where it was going right now. Finally, Sara from Beacon noted that there were a lot of political forces at work behind the scenes on the county's end, pushing them away from doing a project on the H building. I figure those could easily be the forces that were keeping the project from happening on 12th street because they didn't want to lose their parking lot. I guess the folks who wanted to preserve the gym just didn't have the kind of political push that the other people did.

The Arai woman also asked a very strange question about whether Arai polluted the master plan process by pushing the phase two development; basically, would be have been more open to the siting for the housing if they had never brought up a phase two and had just stuck to the apartment complex? And I told her no, the county had been talking to us about the 12th avenue building for years and we wanted to hold them to it; and also we had no interest in having a big apartment get built on 14th street, period. She was really surprised to hear that they weren't the ones that had come up with the 12th street building. Apparently they didn't remember when WE brought it up at the char/ade/ette. Very strange.

Afterwards we skipped Mah Jong in favor of a trip to the Grand Illusion to see the 'La Jetee' movie and part of the travel film afterwards. The we left (early) supposedly intending on going to Mah Jong but in fact we're sitting around here doing nothing. How pleasant!
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