January 16th, 2003

Sea dragon

It's donut time

What a useless sack of shit I am. By 11:30 this morning I had performed not a single test and regressed a grand total of one bug. On the other hand, I had made plans for tonight and set up my writing assignments for the next issue of Tablet. And now it's 2:16 and I have done about 4 tests and successfully rejected a build, plus lit 20 candles on a birthday cake and posted my photos of the dogs and cats in my cube. Now my thoughts are turning gently to the mistily lit swamp behind my building. Should I leave and take a walk? Fattening behinds want to know.
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    "Don't Tell Mama" - Cabaret - AGAIN!
Sea dragon

Exquisite pleasure (visual)

I am looking out the window right now where we have an expansive view to the southwest. The sky is a fading puted peach with lots of violet in it, framed at the bottom by the branches of distant pine treets and above by wispy clouds that look like runny watercolor paint strokes. It's gorgeous. I've been watching birds land and take off from the snag in the creek bed. They are all in silhouette against the sky. So, so, nice!

So what does this inspire me to do? Go to the Loftcam and see if it looks as cool there. It doesn't, but I wound up thinking of the Long Beach "Clam Cam," which sent me off to a site with a variety of gorgeous pictures of the Long Beach Peninsula. Aaaaaahhhh. (I know, pathetic, but it looks a whole lot more like I'm doing work.)

I am very curious to find out how my evening at the Grind goes!

Ooh, some of the clouds are turning salmon pink. Wow!