January 20th, 2003

Sea dragon

Empty, empty fridge

They cleaned out the fridge at work this weekend. Damn! I lost one of my best-sized tupperware containers and a serving of Pad Thai that would have been great for lunch today. Thank goodness I brought backup food (yes, it will be curry and rice).

After going to all the trouble to sew a button on my moleskin pants, I discovered that they are a little (mmph!) tight now. And I weighed in over 160 Saturday when I got on the scale for the first time since about the first. Man! Time to go swimming.
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    "Woke up this morning with the Lord" - MLK tribute on KUOW
Sea dragon

Getting catty

Did I mention that Boo's new nickname is Piss Pot? That's better than Buffy the Urinator, I think. I moved her food over into her tinkle area, which I hope will help. I also want to wax the floor so it can repel, um, liquids better.