January 22nd, 2003

Sea dragon

Tea for two - no, make that tea for zero

Well for Christ's sake! Some facilities guy just came by and told me this company has a policy forbidding employees from using appliances at work, which means I can't use my teapot anymore. He said there was some kind of issue with the breakers, or, rather, potential issue causing them to write a blanket policy. That is just so asinine. He was really cute and was trying to convince me that the hot water that comes out of the coffee tap is a perfect substitute for boiling water, but I was pissed off, and I told him, "It doesn't matter, I'm just a contractor anyway," and then stomped out of the lunchroom, so there will be no marriage proposal forthcoming. Not that I wouldn't have traded sexual favors for the right to keep my teapot. Or, um, the right to, um, get sexual favors from him. I mean give to him. To be forced to give to him!

Crap. No more nice cup of tea at work in the morning. And according to this Sunday's New York Times, I need to be having one MORE cup a day, not one less.
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Sea dragon

Happy Valentine's Day Massacre

I was contacted by my recruiter today, who told me that my current contract is most likely ending on Valentine's Day, and would I be so kind as to send her my most current resume? So the end is near. How delightful.