January 25th, 2003

Sea dragon

My ego is stuck in the wrong place

I was about to leave work today (late, I had found a good bug), and I stopped by my boss' office to see if she had signed my timecard yet. And she actually told me that she had thought I'd done very good work on the project and was sorry that nothing else seemed to be finalizing that she could move me into. It made me feel good, especially after fully half of the team was offered extensions, and one of them turned it down to accept a full-time job at a place that decided I wasn't good enough for it some months ago.

In other news we went to see the Jose Limon dance troupe at Meany Hall tonight. The brilliant part of the night was a modern dance interpretation of the Ghastlycrumb Tinies. It was just so damn clever, and of course fun to watch each of the evil children get their come-uppance. However, because of staying out so late the night before I was in sad shape for such a cerebral evening, although for once I was mostly able to stay focused on the dance and the music. Worthy O really didn't care for the evening, though. Thank goodness for Shalimar.

Finally, on our way to the car we saw Ann Donovan and Randy Pape, my former best friend and her boyfriend. It's nice to see they're still together, and I was relieved that my heart didn't stab paralyzing sadness through me and I was able to just pass by and say, "Hi, Ann, hi, Randy," and continue my walk and dance analysis with Worthy O.

Otherwise I'm trying to wrap up my Tablet story, and I'm obligated to take a shower tonight so work on retiling the walls can continue without a fine liquid layer in the way tomorrow morning. Ooh, I'm going to go defrost some bacon for breakfast RIGHT NOW.
Sea dragon

Further reflections on the little red salon

On reflection, I found the simpering and cooing of the caucasian "artist's model" rather nauseating. Watching her interact with the "paying customers" was so fake it gave me the creeps. Of course, it was a good situation to have an event where exhibitionists and voyeurs could interact in ways they both enjoyed, but her need to have people fawn over her irritated me. It made me want to say, "Keep your naked butt about three feet away from the guy with the long hair or I'm going to knock you off of your 9 inch heels and cram them up your ass."


And then of course there was the ickiness of having the paying customers smirking at me, which made me want to say to them,"You have not paid to ogle ME, so get yer goddamn eyes out of my cleavage or I'm going to slap yer goddamn silly face off." I did not like being treated like merchandise.

We spent a good two hours today considering house plans with the architect, which of course reminds me of the fact that I have no idea what the next six months will bring income-wise. Then we had a super-late lunch at Mesob, and we'll be spending the evening at my brother's house playing Carcasonne and such.