January 28th, 2003

Sea dragon

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You know how the day after a party you go around cleaning up, and somehow there's always a beer can that's about a third full of beer but also has some cigarettes in it? That's how I feel today.

Last night's exciting activities included chatting with Julia (okay, that was actually fun), walking the dogs, reading Fast Food Nation, and writing tardy thank you notes. Spousal unit got home late and caused me ultimately to lose at least an hour of sleep. Tonight's activities include a board meeting, going to Safeway, and hitting the bank. Am I a party animal or what?
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Sea dragon

Little Pussywillow

I actually left the building and went on a walk around the slough today. I saw some kind of funky duck with a crest on the back of his head, and I noted some kind of tree was putting out pussy willow looking kind of buds. I snapped a branch off to bring back to my office. On Friday I snapped a branch of witch hazel from in front of the UW Employment office on our walk back to the car after the Limon show, and it was still smelling good last night. Did I mention that on the way back to the car I saw my friend Ann Donovan and her boyfriend Randy? I said hi to her but didn't stop to talk. I figure if she wanted to have anything to do with me she would have done so by now. I also considered not saying anything to her at all, but I guess I wanted her to know that I was still interested in the relationship. And the idea of walking by her on the street and acting like I didn't see her was just too sad.
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