February 12th, 2003

Sea dragon

Why do people say they hate Mondays?

Yesterday after I left work was crap. If only I'd left a little earlier ...

I got home a little after six, and although the dogs needed to be taken out, I knew that if they did they'd get all dirty and I'd have to clean them up a third time before I got to use the clippers on them (the ones I bought this weekend). So I got to work on them for about 20 minutes, then made my dinner. Then it was 7 PM and I had plenty of time before my 7:30 meeting, so I started cleaning the house a little in preparation for the housecleaner coming over tomorrow.

At 7:20 things started going bad. I was almost out the door and discovered I did not have my keys in my purse. Where could they be? The last time I remembered seeing them they were sitting on top of my sweater in the bathroom, but I was wearing the sweater now. Twenty minutes and three trips to the bathroom later I found them cuddled up next to the scale. So not only am I already late to my meeting, but when I get there I can't find parking. Suddenly I'm 20 minutes late and I'm the board member who's the big loser. Great.

The meeting goes WAAAAAAY too late (10 PM), but I'm OK because I'm just not going to do the dishes before tomorrow, although I do wish that I had had time to go to the store and get the ingredients for dinner tomorrow. And I do very much need to get some cash to pay off the housecleaner. So I go to the QFC/Washington Mutual on Pike and Broadway, and discover ... not only do I not have enough money for tomorrow, I don't have my wallet with me. I get home and find out I don't have my wallet there, either. I have apparently left it at work. DAMN! But I still have to finish moving the clutter around and walk the dogs ...

So it's 11:30 and I'm still not quite done for the night, only Worthy Opponent should be home any minute since he was originally anticipating 10ish, so I write him a note and tape it to the door (please go to the bank and get some money!), then finally head upstairs to go to bed ... and wake up again, and again, and again thinking I hear him coming in the door and wanting to apologize for inconveniencing him by needing to have this errand run after he's already had a long night ...

Gag, so now it's Wednesday and I am EXHAUSTED because I didn't get enough sleep last night, and for some reason I seem to have forgotten the primary ingredient in my lunch (food), and Solucient wants to see about having me come back in for another interview ...

Can't I just go back to bed? I want to go to La Paz. Where's my mommy, the rich one who was going to set me up for life? If I was a primitive hunter gatherer, I wouldn't have to get up in the morning just to meet some artificial deadline. Grumph.
Sea dragon

The ugly boy asked me to prom

Great, Solucient wants me to come in for an interview tomorrow. Where's my call from Getty or WaMu? My officemate is laughing at me, going, "They're going to hire you, they're going to hire you ... " He of course had a very BAD interview there, so he's making fun of the possibility of my having to work with the very angry lady that interviewed him. Eeek. Does permanent work and being able to take the bus compensate for her? We'll see if I'd actually be in her group or not when I go tomorrow.

I think Big Al's Barbeque is in the works for today. This is going to screw up my hours this week for sure.