February 25th, 2003

Sea dragon

My trip to Cinerama did not change my life

I finally went and saw The Two Towers last night. There was definitely a bunch of stuff they could have cut out to make it shorter, starting with the 15 minutes of previews before the movie. And I had real problems with the use of digital colorization throughout the film. It just made so many of the scenes feel wrong. Can't they trust natural color just a wee bit more?
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Sea dragon

Review of "Puerto Rico"

I just realized that my rehash of Saturday missed what some people would consider the highlight of the evening, the debut of Puerto Rico. We had to play it cold, four people that had only their brains and the rulebook to guide them. It took about 45 minutes to get going with play (I'm guessing) and it took us almost five hour from start (reading the rules) to finish. I was sharing the rules with everyone, though.

How did it play? Well, I very much enjoyed the complexity of the game in terms of its reflection of reality. You can't grow sugar on your plantation unless you've got people to work the farm, you can't sell the sugar unless there's a place to mill it, and the mill ain't running unless it has got folks there, too. But I still haven't figured out what the best strategy for winning the game is. Is it making the most buildings? Is it creating a plantation that allows you to sell the most high priced goods? Or is it getting the most goods onto a boat, in which case you could just plant corn (doesn't require processing) and rock out? I guess the fact that I haven't figured out what a winning strategy is means that there's plenty of reasons to play the game again.

Is the game worthy of a 9 rating? I'll have to see how it plays after a second try. And I'd really like to figure out if the game is any fun with just three people or if it pretty much needs five people to be tenable.
Sea dragon

More tub stuff

The day is slow again. We're not even having our 1:30 meeting. I've finished my Mesob leftovers (Gored Gored, yowsa!) and I'm trying to entertain myself for a few hours. I definitely see a trip to Mind and Body this afternoon for the 6 PM . Yesterday's Pilates class was the only thing I had to look forward to all day, and it was verrrry relaxing (hard to believe that "working out" is "relaxing" but I find trying to get my body to follow the instructor's instructions makes me forget about my troubles). I do think I may head outside for a walk around the lake, though, since it looks like it's nice out.

I found a good Japanese bath company that's based in Australia but ships to the U.S. Their prices are great, even for export, especially when compared to Ann Sacks, who have the idea right but the price wrong ($1400). The Australian company's pictures look tantalizing, more so than yet another American company with larger tubs. Not that it wouldn't be cool to patronize the company based in Alaska.
Sea dragon

You're not really returning a call on a two year old job application, right?

I didn't mention that I got an email from a company I applied to work at almost two years ago. It was a huge surprise. They are looking for someone now (the only QA person in an 18 person company), partially because they have funding but also because their QA person left. They are located in Pioneer Square and from what the director of HR said I want them to pick me. I might even have an interview Thursday morning before I hit the plane. Wouldn't that be nice!