February 26th, 2003

Sea dragon

Oh baby, let me be your QA mama

I DO have the interview tomorrow AM. Not only do I get the short term pleasure of not having to drive back and forth to Bothell to my temp job tomorrow (it was going to be a short day anyway because of my trip to Albuquerque and Phoenix, flight at 2 PM), but I have the much more pleasant long term pleasure (well, at least until I get back, so a five day pleasure) of imagining that I might once again be working in a place that is not only a twenty minute walk from my house, but also near a plethora of cheap dining options (drool - and all the content on that link is mine, FYI).

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Sea dragon

Vote for Jeff

Hey, I know I don't have a lot of readers, but can you vote for my little brother (in law)'s band so he can play at the Warped tour (I'm not completely sure what that is but I'd like to see his band play anywhere)? He promises "if we do get chosen, we will be performing nothing but shitty versions of bad religion and pennywise songs." Here's the link, and you need to register (and apparently they know how to count ballot box stuffing, so don't try): http://www.azpunk.com/warped.php. You'll have to register, go to your email and confirm your registration, then go back to the site, and vote for HOTFOUGHTCOLD for the Warped slot.

Thankee all ...
Sea dragon

Foreign film club AGAIN!

I'm going to try again with this film club thing. Not that I don't expect that I'll still be inviting people at the last minute to go see things with me, but since the latest Grand Illusion calendar just came out, I already know some of the movies I am planning on seeing over the next three months.

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