February 28th, 2003

Sea dragon

I'm in Albuquerque

We had some fabuuuulous Western Style Hashbrowns this morning. The pleasure of the hot, hot chiles (drool) did NOT quite make up for the frustration of the CRAPPY America West connections. Our plane was forty five minutes late arriving, getting us on the ground after our connection had left, and we wound up waiting 3 hours for the next plane to Albuquerque, meaning that we COMPLETELY MISSED our dinner at Ron's! DAMMMMMNNNNN!

For those who care, the job interview yesterday seemed to go pretty well. If I get a call-back, it will be the week after next. I've got my fingers crossed. Simply walking home from my interview reminded me of the pleasures of working in Pioneer Square that I was missing out on. A trip to Koraku would have definitely sealed it.

OK, now entering Radio Silence until my return Monday night ...