March 4th, 2003

Sea dragon

The return

I'm back. Does anyone really care besides my cats and the guy who was waiting for me to come back to work so I could help him out on this project?

My lesson for the day is that "datos" does not mean dates, it means Data. "Fecha" is data. How could I have forgotten?

I want to write down some of the stories my grandpa told me about growing up on a farm in Nebraska in the 30s, but I'm going to have to save them until later. I really enjoyed hearing them.

Grandma is really sick. I think Grandpa knows she's probably going to die in this year or the next, but he won't talk about it at all and I wasn't in the mood to push him. I just told him that I'd like to see him anytime he was free to come up, and that we'd love to go see the redwoods with him since he didn't get to see them when he drove to Oregon years back. I think he knew what I was trying to say.
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    "I'm the Only One," Bonnie Raitt (Arizona getting me back)