March 5th, 2003

Sea dragon

Losing brain cells almost daily now

I was getting dressed this morning and found $26 in my pants pocket. That was pretty cool, only I had to wonder, how had I forgotten that I had that much money just sitting around? Kind of a sad sign, and it was later supported by the realization that I never put any deodorant on before I left the house.
Sea dragon

Please don't be mistaken, I do have work to do (Tasty Bites, Take 2)

It's cruel to work in an office where 2/3s of the people you run into in the lunch room are heating up home made India food every day. Your typical micro meal fills me with nothing but pity for the poor fools who are reduced to eating such slop. But these guys ... they fill me with greed. Why can't I have a nice Indian wife at home cooking for me? Those laws against polygamy (polyandry?) and same-sex marriages shouldn't be holding me back. However, today I was able to hold my head high as I poured my Tasty Bites Pav Bhaji (curried mashed potatoes) into a bowl that was already full of instant brown rice and stuck the pile into the microwave. Mmm, who would want such fripperies as fresh naan when you've got Tasty Bites for lunch?

Anyway, although it didn't look like the picture on the box again (missing the scallions), it was actually pretty tasty and didn't look as gross as most of the meals again. Of the five I've tried to date, this is one I think I would actually buy again. It was actually definitively better than eating a frozen meal, and at $1 per serving cost less. I guess it's time to head back to Trader Joe's and stock up with fresh types and see if I can find just one more winner.
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