March 6th, 2003


Coma Toes

Why did I stay here surfing until a quarter 'til eight? What, oh what, was I thinking as I cruised site after site, looking for a reference to my high school french teacher (Marilyn Lenz, where are you, and how can I thank you for taking care of me when my mom couldn't be bothered to do it)?

I went to mahjong last night anyway, mostly, I think, because it was at Mesob, and I was having fantasies about their buttery Gored Gored (but we got some kind of tibes made with bottom round, a little too tough for me) earlier in the day. Once more I got to bed after 11:30, when I was tired all night long beforehand. I didn't even wake up once all night long, well, except when the cat sneezed in my face and I batted her off the bed.
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Sea dragon

Cinerama tonight!

I forgot to mention to folks that we're going to see How the West Was Won at the Cinerama tonight at 7:30. That's right, a Cinerama movie in Cinerama at the Cinerama! Sounds great, right? If you want to go with let me or Worthy Opponent know so we can save a seat for you.

Did you hear the one about the website with the pictures of Mrs. Dick Cheney with the clown nose on? I've looked, but I haven't found the site yet (or if I have I haven't looked deep enough). If you know where it is, please tell me!

Found it! More proof that the office of the President is heavily engaged in attempts to control the American media! Spread this link around, folks!
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