March 7th, 2003

Sea dragon

How the West Was ... Lost

Made it to How the West Was Won last night. I'll review it later today - somehow I have work to do today so I can't do it now. Mostly today my memories of yesterday are focused on the ache beneath my shoulderblades from going to Pilates (a good ache but there nonetheless) and being tired because I haven't had enough sleep the last four nights. I don't know why, I just haven't been able to fall asleep once I get to bed ... which should be happening an hour earlier no matter how you cut it.

I'm thinking that either tonight or tomorrow we might go see A Bright Room Called Day, since the review at the Stranger was so flattering and I'm actually very interested in seeing something that relates to what we're going through now with this stupid war Shrub is trying to foist on us.
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Next thing you know I'm going to be painting miniatures

Ooh, look, it's snowing outside! How pretty -- snow falling through the plum blossoms.

I just found a good reason to go to Columbus. I never thought it would happen, but the more I think about it the better it sounds. I think that means I'm starting to experience severe neurological degeneration, doubtlessly brought on either by the aluminum in my deodorant or the mercury in my contact lens solution.

I've done all of the work I was assigned for today. Now what? I haven't heard back from the place I interviewed with last week, and although I wasn't expecting to until Monday or Tuesday it's starting to make me nervous. No, I take it back, it's all of my friends and coworkers asking me if I've heard back from them yet that's making me nervous.
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Sea dragon

Hah hah! It's just a random icon, I'm sure

So I found this cool 3-D postcard of some Indian god while we were in Albuquerque, and as I was getting ready to stick it up on my bulletin board, one of my coworkers asked me what the weird image was between his ankles (he's sitting down). I hadn't really noticed it, but it kind of looked like your "Sacred Heart" kind of thing, with little beams of light coming out of it. We both had some laughs over how phallic it looked.

So, being surrounded by people from India, I asked one of my other coworkers what the image was (the sacred cow being completely clear to me). "It's a Shivaling," she said. "Instead of having statues of the god in the temple, we use this form instead to represent him. You pour milk into the little saucer it's sitting in."

Oh, yeah. Shivaling. Shiva Lingam. Holy Statue of a Penis, Batman! (I bet the dude who's got the ten commandments posted in his cube is going to LOVE this postcard ...)

I thought it was funny, though, that the proper method of worshipping at this statue involved immersion in a cloudy white liquid.

(They have glow in the dark Ganesh shirts, too, so I think I may be placing an order with them some time soon ...)