March 12th, 2003

Sea dragon

Brief review of movie and plans for tonight, tomorrow

Tonight looks like a neighborhood meeting for Worthy Opponent and Mahjong for us both afterwards. I would like to see another movie this week but if we're going to Karaoke tomorrow it's just not going to work ... too much with the anti-crime meeting to go to

Talk to Her was a real pleasure. Almodovar has moved from having just wacky characters (which I found grating) to characters who seem like normal people but are deeply deranged (well, not all characters are like that but one of them is in this movie). I found the friendship that developed between the two men at the core of this film very believable, but at the end I wondered if the right one of them went to jail. Of course, the image that I will hold in my mind from this movie is the one of the incredible shrinking man next to the nine-foot high Mons Veneris -- all in black and white as part of a fantasy sequence. What a hoot! I can't imagine any English-language film having the guts to do something like that.

I really want to get into a long diatribe (monotribe?) about the punitive policies the Bush administration has put into place against the West Coast in response to our lack of support for his presidency, but I have some dullllll cut and paste work to do instead.