March 18th, 2003

Sea dragon

Sign on bakery truck: The Loaf you Save may Be your Own

Today had important lessons for everyone at my house, and so early in the morning, too!

1. shadowdaddy learned not to take the spare key to the house to work with him.

2. I learned that my inclination to not take the dogs outside in my jammies was a good one. And it only took me two minutes of being locked outside in the rain to come up with that one!

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    "Free" (Everybody come together) - Catpower


There is no war yet, and already I am feeling like I did on September 13th, or was it the 12th? I want to stop reading the front page, stop visiting the New York Times online, stop listening to NPR, just put a blackout on all news. I can't handle the tension, I can't do anything about it, I don't want to know what's happening since it's all so horrible and it's just going to get worse. Am I a coward to do it or a coward not to do it?

Can someone email me if North Korea lobs a bomb toward Seattle?

How about those Oscars! I bet The Hours wins best picture, Renee whasserface for best actress, Jack Nicholson for best actor, Julie whazzerface for best supporting actress, and who cares about best supporting actor anyway!
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