March 20th, 2003

Sea dragon

World destruction, your life means nothing

Leaving work yesterday night, I could hear the frogs creaking in the little nature preserve behind where I work. It was so peaceful! Spring is definitely here. The jonquils (little shorties with orange trumpets) I planted in front of the lilacs are blooming, and it just looks cute as hell. I saw some girls taking a picture of themselves and their dog in front of my neighbor's house, where I helped plant a bunch of bulbs in the fall. He's got quite the Victorian House Beautiful thing going on.

We played mahjong last night as usual at Mesob, but we went for the front room to get away from the giant TV. We were all very chatty last night, and we finally got on to talking about the Oscars. I can't believe they're not going to do the red carpet thing this year! Matt said he had heard of a party where everyone had to bring a dish in keeping with the nominees for Best Picture, and I said that I'd do The Hours and bring my special Stone Soup. Matt laughed immediately, Cathy laughed about thirty seconds later, and then Worthy Opponent laughed and said, "They all think you're weird, don't they?" And I looked him in the eye and said,"You don't get it, do you?" And he didn't.
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    "Dear Got" - XTC (on KEXP as I parked this AM)
Sea dragon

Tension backache returns due to oligarchical monopresence

Man, I woke up an hour earlier than normal, nervous as hell but still tired, and now it's hours later and I could bounce a penny off of the flesh between my shoulderblades. It doesn't have anything to do with the normal stress causes (work, spouse, money), but I think I'll deal with it in the usual way: an hour of pilates. I anticipate no problem getting out of here a bit early today so I can be there on time.
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Sea dragon

A fitting punishment

According to an article in the LA Times, major studios are thinking about making better movies because the crap they're cranking out now is responsible for keeping them in the nosebleed seats at the Oscars. I love it!
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