March 22nd, 2003

Sea dragon

Arvo Part is very nice

The white camellia in front of the dining room window is blooming. Is that the official sign of the first day of spring? Two years ago I got to watch a robin build and tend a nest in that tree. It would be neat if that happened again.

We just got back from a big ballet outing with a passel of friends that ended with most of us eating gelato at a cute little spot on top of Queen Anne. Brandon, Evie, Rachel, Troy, Cathy, Maya, Nina, motomotoyama (the last four being the "Jeanette Winterson" contingent) and shadowdaddy all came ... a full house. We started the evening off at Tup Tim Thai, where all but motomotoyama made it (and we kept the conversation pretty strictly to computer talk, except for a brief mention that Nina's boyfriend had problems getting through the wall of police downtown), then cruised over to Mercer Arena. Everyone said they enjoyed the show .... well, except for Brandon and Troy, who I didn't ask.

The music was good for all four pieces, although listening to the Rachmaninoff 2 was little consolation for Kent Stowell's wooden choreography. He's like a writer who thinks that just because he can string sentences together that he's writing a story. The "Written on the Body" piece went over very well with all of the Jeanette Winterson fans, and I revelled in the outstanding music ... while falling just a little more in love with Arianna. I could kick myself for missing seeing the program with her in the last piece. Anyway, although there were two more dances, I've got to say that one of the highlights of the night for me was getting five compliments on my dragon dress, which I realize is just incredibly shallow but it really just lit up my evening. I even got a compliment on my hair (from a seven year old, but hey, whatever) and on my grandmother's anniversary ring from someone else.

The day was spent partially cleaning and working on the house, partially running errands like groceries and hardware (and I got some new tea from Kuan Yin in Wallingford). I avoided the computer most strictly until about 5 (I'm pathetic, I know) when I returned from walking the dogs and wanted to check on a rumor I'd heard about how the protests went in Chicago yesterday.

Me, I'm ready to go burn an American flag, but it'll have to wait a day or two. Tomorrow is Oscar Time and I've figured out how to do the betting pool. I'm really looking forward to Cort's party. I hope nothing happens to cause it to be cancelled.
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