March 23rd, 2003

Sea dragon

Well, so what if YOU think it's boring?

I'm doing research on Japanese tubs again. It sounds so mundane, and yet I feel like it's good for me to do it, because if there's going to be a new tub coming in the upstairs of our house, it should be one I chose and not one that was just "good enough for government work." This is something I don't normally talk about on the blog - the work we're planning on doing on the house. It will completely take over our lives at some point, but somehow something so - mundane, again - doesn't seem worth writing about. I wonder why? And look at all of the good books sitting on my coffee table. Maybe I should shut off the computer altogether and go read Pattern Recognition.

Oversharing warning!</b>

Cort actually called me to ask if I was coming to his party. I feel so pleased! I said I'd forgotten to RSVP (true) because I was trying to invoke the "RSVP or face dire punishment" clause of his invite. Of course, the idea of being caught in the middle of an S&M three-way with him and his hot boyfriend holds FAR too much interest for me, so Cort laughed at my little joke as if he of course didn't actually intend to punish any of his guests, and I laughed as if of course I wouldn't enjoy it if he did.

End oversharing!</b>

I'm thinking I'll make some cookies for the party tonight. Mmm, who could refuse chocolate chip cookies?

OK, computer off, really, I'm going to pick up a book now, perhaps Shakespeare's English Kings that I bought for my uncle for Christmas and then forgot to mail ...
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