March 25th, 2003

Sea dragon

Footwear of Mass Distraction

Yep, I spent my ill-gotten Oscar gains on a pair of tap shoes I found at Value Village last night. Now all I need is a blonde wig and a sparkly dress and I can be Roxie Hart for Halloween!

My winning combination:
1. Chicago
2. Nicole Kidman
3. Jack Nicholson (just because I thought his acting was very good ... I wasn't thinking about the too-many-oscars thing)
Anyway, I got the first two right, and I was the only one who got the first two right, so I won!

The rest of the evening was kind of not very exciting ... Collapse )

Today I'm going to work on my Spain travelogue while I hope for that phone call from V***. Oh, and look online for cheap tap lessons.
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Sea dragon

Trying to get good news

I am relying heavily for the web to get my news. Other people are trying to restrict what I can see. I will keep working to find out what's really going on. "The truth is out there" - it's just not on US TV.

The captured woman, her name is Shoshana Johnson. She was a cook. I hope she makes it out alive.

The senate is "cutting" the tax cut. Why don't they get rid of it? It doesn't make sense.

Pro-war rallies are being organized by Clear Channel Communications. Now it makes sense.

I found the speech from the British lieutenant where he talks why they want to not go on a killing rampage:

“I know of men who have taken life needlessly in other conflicts. I can assure you they live with the mark of Cain upon them ...If you harm the regiment or its history by over-enthusiasm in killing or in cowardice, know it is your family who will suffer. You will be shunned unless your conduct is of the highest, for your deeds will follow you down through history." Did the US troops get that kind of speech? I think not.
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