March 26th, 2003

Sea dragon

I gotta new job ... YIPPEE

They bumped the offer up a few sheckels ($2000 more), and I'm now happy to say that I have a NEW JOB! I'll be starting on Monday (oops, make that Friday), health benefits to kick in on TUESDAY, 20 vac/sick days a year plus 9 paid holidays, I'll be WALKING to work, EATING at Bakemans, getting a NEW BIKE (well, that's not from the company, it's to get me to work faster), and life is fucking looking GOOD! It only took me a YEAR of looking to get a job I wanted, I turned DOWN two offers waiting for this one, and FINALLY! Even at a substantial pay cut (current salary - health benefits - cost of an OK car, so that means it's in the still taking a cut range) from what I'm making now, I am THRILLED! (As if you can't tell with all of the capital letters.) Now how and the hell am I going to get motivated to do any work here for the next two days? At least there's a birthday lunch for my boss tomorrow to get me into work then ...

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