March 29th, 2003


I like Saturdays and naughty little yellow flowers that grow where they shouldn't

The weather is perfect outside, and I can see all the dandelions in the backyard raising their terrible and yet cute heads. Time to do some weeding! Later on we have the lesbian contractors coming over to give us a bid on the house. We don't have any firm plans for the evening: maybe we'll go to the burlesque show at the Rendezvous tonight (BurningHearts!) and then either see a movie or go play games at my brother's house.

The party last night was somewhat boring, other than providing an opportunity to eat and get rather unfortunately imprinted on the guest of honor while he was chewing on another woman's earlobes (not something I want to see when I've been drinking a lot of tequila and I'm in the peak of my hormonal cycle). Since we stayed long enough for birthday cake, we wind up missing the cabaret at ConWorks, which I was kind of sorry about but too inebriated to get worked up over. We wound up going home, me to finish my book, Worthy Opponent to do his self employment taxes since it's That Time of the Year.

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