March 31st, 2003

Sea dragon

Watashi wa neko wo ai desu - Day two, the tea kettle and tchotchkes

My little black Japanese neko looks so cute sitting on top of my computer. Wave that luck in, little kitty! The HR guy said I got the job - well, the tiebreaker reason - because I was so enthusiastic, at least in comparison to the other guy.

My "pyrogenic granuloma" is coming off at noon today. What a relief that will be! It blew up at the Safeway yesterday afternoon and made a big mess.

Tonight is Wings at the Paramount and I have three tickets left over. I hope I can find homes for them!

Oooh, look, banana bread ...
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    "Generals and Majors"
Sea dragon

Nerves, burning

I'm back at work after the trip to the doctor's. My leg aches. I felt really light headed afterwards. The doctor thought it was just low blood sugar but I think it was the after affect of the nerves, a post-adrenaline rush kind of thing. I could taste the aldocaine they shot me up with (three times!). Ugh. Worthy Opponent took me home afterwards, and I took a nap while he made me some lunch. I feel better now. I'm working on a tangerine and I think I'm going to check out the peanut butter chocolate chip cookies that are supposed to be in the lunchroom.