April 2nd, 2003

Sea dragon

Bite your tongue (or Day four, sugar free gum to help me with munchies)

I just had to listen to one of my coworkers go on a pro-war rant. "The liberal media has been telling us we're losing this war. We're 25 miles outside of Bagdad right now! I tell you, the strategy for this war is one of the most brilliant ones ..."

Oh my. I've really got to behave myself. He pointed to this AM's Seattle Times to show me the "liberal media" we're dealing with, that being a story about an Iraqi family who had several members killed. I reminded him that the "bad strategy" stuff came from someone in the administration, but he seemed to not believe that. This is going to make my life a bit difficult, especially if you consider his cube is right next to mine and he's very chatty.

In other news, I did our taxes last night and it looks like we only owe $60, which is a miracle if you consider I was unemployed for ten months and didn't pay any taxes on my unemployment compensation.
Sea dragon

It's such a small world I'm having to walk bent over

I just ran into Guy Molinari that I used to work with at Onvia. He just started today (my God!) at Qpass, one of the many companies I've interviewed with over the last few years. Wow. Still the only guy I know with a big leather team jacket that says "Java" on the back.

Worthy O and I went to Bakeman's with neighbor A***, whom I'm working with here at V***. Now it's test, test, test the code and don't kill the dork across the cube wall from me.

In good news, affirmative action is likely to survive, and the filibuster against the judicial nominee who'd probably overturn Roe V Wade appears to have been a success.

Wow, look, an analysis that shows Bush is out to get the states that didn't vote for him. What a surprise! If he can't do us in with blackouts or nukes from Korea, he'll just let the terrorists get us.
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Sea dragon

Coalition of the Killing

One of my coworkers told me they almost had layoffs AGAIN here, which would have happened if they hadn't closed a deal yesterday. Ouch! Living life so close to the edge can be painful. Well, I'm just going to enjoy it while I can and not be a stress basket.