April 10th, 2003

Sea dragon

I'll miss that box of pad khee mao

Last night I decided that I really wanted to get enough sleep for a change, so I skipped mahjong and went to bed at 11. I still wound up sleeping on the couch, but at least I got about 8 hours in, so I feel pretty good today, especially after Kiran bought me a chai at Zeitgeist. Mmm, Morning Glory chai!

Overall it was, unsurprisingly, a low-key evening. I was extremely hungry even with the apple I'd eaten at 5, so we went to Shalimar (Chicken Kashmiri for me, yum!), then headed over to the Wet Spot for life drawing. I was very pleased to finally re-officially meet ZenSlut, who of course had figured out who I was by then ... anyone who knew the domain I own should be able to trace it backwards. We hung out and chatted with her for about half an hour. She chose to draw exactly the same pose as I did, so it was interesting comparing our work.

Tonight I'm hoping to see Cowboy Bebop at the Varsity, since the two movies I want to see at the Crest will still be there next week per today's issue of The Stranger. I could wait to see CB too, though, since it's going to the Neptune next week, which has a much larger screen and better chairs (not to mention those creepy sculpted heads of Neptune on the walls). I'm already planning to see All That Heaven Allows Sunday night at the Grand Illusion, since that's when I'm free and Molly said she'd go with us. Friday is supposed to be the ballet, Saturday is supposed to be a community meeting in the morning and The Academy of Ancient Music that night, plus all afternoon getting ready for the reception after the concert. Staying home and doing nothing might be just the way to go.
Sea dragon

Pack of thieves

Questions are being raised about Halliburton getting so many "rebuilding" contracts. The Brits are angry they're not getting any, but according to this article in the NY Times Bush is trying to get the Pentagon to take control of awarding contracts. Fascinating. Is he trying to get all processes of the government to fall under areas he can control as "commander in chief," thereby subverting the balance of power set up in the constitution? He's sure making Clinton look like a weak president, that's for sure.