April 12th, 2003

Sea dragon

Another busy weekend

The ballet was really good last night. The middle piece, set to a Phillip Glass score to a movie about Mishima, was especially energetic and showed the dancers off brilliantly. The only strange thing was that there were three different times that it looked like the dance was over.

Today the community meeting went fine, only I was getting bored. The woman who's concerned about cell phone antennas was just all but boiling over during the meeting.

Right now I'm waiting for Joel to come over so we can go to CostCo (shudder) and buy food for the reception after the show tonight. I'm looking forward to the season being over, which it will be after tonight's Early Music Guild show. Yay!
Sea dragon

The pressure is mounting!

Oh for crap's sake, I completely forgot I'm supposed to do a survey at the concert tonight. This and I'm trying to make friggin' platters of cheese for people to eat and I'm behind deadline for Tablet. Jesus on a triscuit, I need a break! I was going to write the article this afternoon (and the weather cleared, a painful time to be on the computer) until I figured out this survey thing ...