April 14th, 2003

Sea dragon

It's going to be a long week

Thank God I got some down time in yesterday. We spent two hours walking around downtown taking pictures for my Tablet article (the three hours spent writing it being the not down time part of the afternoon), but then the new software to deal with the pictures somehow ate the DSL software on the computer and I couldn't get them sent out last night. AAAAARGH! I'm sad about not making it to Mount Vernon yesterday, but my tulips look fabulous, especially the Valery Gergiev. --->

The movie (All That Heaven Allows) was just great, with some throw-away lines like when the heroine cuddles up to Rock Hudson and says, "Are you wishing I was a man?" And for all that it was corny it actually had some brilliant psychological insights. Molly and Cathy showed up, which was fun, only I think one of them thought it was a set-up and the other of course did not. And it wasn't. Glad I didn't have to explain this to the mistaken party while everyone was still there. (But I'm excited that Molly may be moving from an online friend to a real friend. We'll see how things develop.)

But today I'm going to be crammed with work, with a nice overlay of stress about whether or not we're going to be able to get the loan to do the work on our house (this woke me up an hour early today with a stress dream in which I was yelling at the mortgage broker). With luck I'll make it out the door to get some lunch. I've got the friggin' taxes to look forward to tonight, and worthy opponent is going to get to go to a baseball game while I work on them. Better him than me, I guess.
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Sea dragon

Some people just can't hold their arsenic

It's almost 5 and it feels like my day has barely started. And let me tell you I'm excited about going home and doing my taxes tonight! I found out you can deduct for job seeking expenses, so I need to work that in somehow.

Some fool decided to pay me $10 for a book I got at a garage sale for 50¢. It took me two or three weeks for it to sell, but that's not too bad, really. I dropped it off at the post office after my lunch at Koraku and postage was only $1 media mail. Sweet! I think I could make this Amazon bookselling thing a full time business if I had a computer with a little wireless connection and took it to Salvation Army and just trolled through ISBNs to see what books were out of print. (Unfortunately I had to stay home and couldn't go to the fat library sale at Sand Point yesterday, but shadowdaddy made it and scored a pretty ballet book for me, so I wasn't left totally high and dry.)
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