April 17th, 2003

Sea dragon

He's leaving tomorrow - boo hoo hoo

Mahjong last night was fun. Nina and Mike were there, so we had four but no more. I went out with a 600 point "all one suit" hand, not truly a "special" but much better than how I'd been playing for the rest of the night. Worthy O and I started off the evening with beer at the Comet, with a big argument about how best to handle the whole refinance/lack of appraisal problem. Love and money, what a beautiful combination! We finally chilled out and got into Carcasonne and a container of warm cashews. No wonder I was barely hungry for the Lamb Tibs when it showed up.

As usual, plenty of work to do today. I've got the appraisal info sent to a second (really a third) guy for evaluation, and I'll be waiting for him to call me back. I also want to call people and see if they want to go to see the 7:15 PM Far From Heaven with me tonight at the Crest, since it's the last night it's playing there and I'm very excited about seeing it after seeing All That Heaven Allows. Lunch will hopefully be tonkatsu ramen at Koraku if I can spare the time.

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Nothing special

I went to Specialtys (their spelling, not mine) and grabbed a sandwich since this got one of my coworkers to go on a walk with me. They make their turkey sandwich with sliced meat. After all of this time going to Bakeman's I tend to forget that most people do it this way. It's like getting a cup of instant coffee when you're used to espresso. Oh well, at least my Top Pot donut from Zeitgeist was great. I probably don't even need to eat the sandwich. The coworker told me that in the summer he goes on hikes every Thursday. Three of the other dev guys are going with him. I want to start doing that, but I wouldn't want to go with them because I'm so slow. Looking at the pictures of this guy's trip to Tibet was definitely making me want to hike. I'm sure Tiger Mountain would be just as exciting. Or maybe I could do some kayaking in Skamokawa. That looks fun, too.

The sales dude asked me to OK him sending a client to my test pages for a preview of the new software. Christ! I wouldn't want to hand that to someone and say it represents what we're getting ready to deliver. It's like letting someone take a test drive of a car that just might have the engine pulled out of it.
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Sea dragon

Sorry state of the States

I sent a letter to the Post Intelligencer today decrying the sorry state of America and the role the American media has to play in this situation. Collapse )

The cool thing is that some of the big media outlets are squeaking a little about the State of the Nation. Paul Krugman noticed "For the overwhelming political lesson of the last year is that war works — that is, it's an excellent cover for the Republican Party's domestic political agenda. In fact, war works in two ways. The public rallies around the flag, which means the President and his party; and the public's attention is diverted from other issues. Yay that I'm not the ONLY PERSON IN THE WHOLE COUNTRY that's made that logical leap, although most days it feels like I am.

Another guy actually pointed out that a new cookin' the books attempt by the Congressional Budget office to show that tax cuts don't mean bigger deficit thanks to the miracles of Voodoo Economics still didn't work, even after they tried five different way to jimmy the numbers. Now, that was cool. Is Bush really as dumb as I think he is, or is there any chance that he'll actually look at this report and go, huh, I guess I was wrong? (Sorry, I should have warned you not to drink before you read this entry! The bubbles hurt when they go out your nose, don't they?)