April 22nd, 2003


Smells of Seattle spring

Spring is definitely here. When I woke up this morning, the house was the same temperature inside as out. (I had spent the night huddled under the covers trying to keep warm but it actually wasn't cold enough to get up and get another blanket.) In the bathroom (where I'd kept the window open last night), I could smell the rich, humid air of the backyard. Outside, somehow, it smelled like the forest on the peninsula. The air was dripping with green and a little bit of mist was sporadically coming down.

The walk to work was great today. I took Jackson instead of Yesler today, which kept me out of Pioneer Square (the way I went yesterday), alas, but dropped me right into the heart of Chinatown. Walking between the mammoth yellow and red concrete pillars under the I-5 bridge was like entering a foreign kingdom. I was a little sad that the dragons were facing downhill rather than toward me, which would have made it perfect.

I cut over at 8th Avenue in front of the House of Hong and walked down King street through the heart of the I.D. I noticed the building right on 8th and King is for sale. It's a spooky old place with run down ground floor shops (Pure Land Buddhism, anyone?) and an upper floor with broken windows and bizarre doors opening to a twenty-foot drop. I wonder what's up there? I'd expect it to be full of frozen lives.

The air in the I.D. actually smelled really good today: a little bit of tea, the scent of fried dough (to go with the congee, I assume), and a variety of other cooking things that the restaurants were making for their lunch-time patrons. There was even a guy doing tai chi in Hing Hay park, but to my amusement it was a fat white guy rather than an old Chinese man. I finished the walk by cutting through the plaza in front of Union Station and taking the bridge over the tracks. I love Seattle!

My life was validated twice in the last twenty-four hours. First, the New York Times did an article that quoted a panel of serious scholars in which one of them said "I always wish to counsel people against the decision to go into the academy because they hope to be effective beyond it." Then this morning a little clip in the Seattle P-I announced that tea keeps you healthy. Hmm, I was wondering why I never got a cold this winter!
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The Return of La Blue Girl


I know I'm not supposed to complain, but I'm doing modem testing this afternoon and


it is just so slow. I don't think it was really the turkey from the Bakeman's sandwich: it's just the painful repetition of the same task in a much more SLOOOW environment. I even did some online shoping today at Sierra Traders (they're having a free shipping promotion this week, and I was tempted to dig around more and see what else they had that I wanted) and "Rob's Anime Corner" (Miko Mido will soon be mine, all three DVDs worth!), which had really good prices (and I was surprised to note that Amazon did not even STOCK what I was looking for). With any luck this cup of China Keemun will get me over the hump and I'll get a little bit of something accomplished in the next hour and a half besides eating my dinner.

Flamenco is tonight, and while I'm not entirely dreading it, I'm not looking forward to another evening of feeling like a cow-footed clod hopper. I hope the teacher actually tries to teach us some stuff instead of just showing us how to do it twice and then leaving us to our own devices. Otherwise, I hope motomotoyama and I get some drinkin' or something in afterwards.

Damn, the sun has come out. Can't I just go home now?
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