April 23rd, 2003


My ass is dragging

No matter how much people encourage me, I should always leave Karaoke at 11 if I have to drive home from Mandarin Gate. Half an hour of sleep missed is enough to make me completely useless in the morning, although I did go to Lands End and get a nice cotton sweater that was on sale and a pair of pants in size Fat Ass. I considered getting them in Big Bright Fat Ass, but I stuck with a dark color instead.

I keep feeling the synapses in my brain firing and fizzling out, so I'm going to get some more caffeine now and see about baby sitting ten rounds of testing this morning. Unfortunately the developers keep coming over here to see if their fixes are working yet so I'm having a hard time getting a little PRIVACY to do my writing!

Tonight I'm supposed to 1) have Rebecca over to look at my flowers 2) go to a Tablet meeting 3) play Settlers of Cataan with Cathy in our normal MahJong time. That will keep me busy! Oh yeah, and my tulips look fabulous, but I'm too tired to describe them.
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Sea dragon

That lunch beat me up

I just got back from lunch at a brand new place in Chinatown. Actually, it looks like a brand old place, utterly dingy on the outside, which is why I'd bet I've never been in there before (although it's odd to say that since dingy dumps are my stock in trade when it comes to picking restaurants). It's Hon's, 416 5th Ave South, right across the way from the ID bus station. Cal invited me to go with the dev team, who were meeting with the old QA guy, and of course I had to go along and see who this guy was. We ate very well (family style, with a lazy susan in the middle), and the entrees all ran about $6 each. What a deal! I'll definitely go back, especially for their mongolian beef, which they served over some kind of weird puffy absorbent noodles. My fortune? Put your ingenuity to work in anything you're doing. Surely this is a sign to put my nose to the grindstone and GET BACK TO WORK.
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