May 1st, 2003

Sea dragon

I'm no lemming - good morning

Yesterday was interesting, if you find layoffs a piquant spice to the day. It was just two of the sales people (one of them my neighbor Andrew), but it was a clear sign that they had some trimming to do to keep us in the cash-flow positive mode until 1) we make the deal with Very Large Retailer A or B or 2) August comes and the company goes tits-up, take your pick. And these guys hadn't closed any deals in months, so it's not like we're going to lower our sales by losing them. My thought was that there are only so many sales to be made right now and that two people can do them as easily as four.

Unfortunately I found a bug, or four, right before I left, which was bad news, mostly because 1) I was ready to leave and 2) we're very close to launching but also because 3) I couldn't repro them. We just got some new code out, a major shift, and I should have been doing a lot more testing on it yesterday than I did, although I did cook along once it was actually delivered to me in the very late morning.

MahJong was not so exciting last night, although a discussion of Rate My Poo made me laugh longer and louder than I have in a long time. And of course I had to share the horror story of my flamenco teacher and her incredibly open attitute toward her gastric indiscretions with everyone. But my game sucked and it's never as good when there's five people, even though it was nice to see Rebecca again. I read Coraline for a while after I bagged out (early), but I still didn't get to bed until 11:30.

Tonight we're going to see Beau Travail at the Grand Illusion. Any takers? And we're still discussing having a sangria party Saturday night, but I'd like to have at least three people say they're free before I declare it a party.
Sea dragon

Merry meet Pioneer square

Just ran into Heather Mitchell, old Acadio alumna, strolling Occidental Square with her (gasp!) little girl Charlotte. Last I saw her she was quitting after spending quite some time as a high-powered stress basket and was heading to LA to direct a play. Now she's married and living in West Seattle with her little munchkin - and she seems WAY happier than she ever was at Acadio. She told me Michael Benton and Steve (XXX??) are still in touch, and that apparently MB is still in France (and I assume still hung up on Steve). Heather said I was looking great (a shock, really), and I must say she was radiating relaxation and good vibes. She was very interested in the work I did to save the Whale Park near my house.

Just a few minutes earlier I had run into Matt Smith, who was in Zeitgeist getting ready to get to work (WiFi). As usual, our exchange was uncomfortable as well as somewhat vapid. Is he just bad at small talk or is there something else going on, like a strong dislike of me he has only barely kept under wraps over the years?

I didn't mention that last week I ran into Jon X of Onvia fame. I can't remember his last name right now, but he was a DBA with a shock of silver hair. Small world indeed.

It's really nice out, should I bag the movie in favor of planting flowers?
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