May 5th, 2003

Sea dragon

Mucho trabajo, mini donuts

I can't really post much today because I didn't manage to get into work yesterday and I'm backlogged, lots of testing to do plus I still need to write the Early Music Guild newsletter, which is how I plan on spending the time I normally use to update this thing.

Uh, the burlesque show Saturday night was fantabulous. We somehow ran up a $40 bar tab. The full effects of this were not felt until Sunday afternoon, when I went into work very late in the day and discovered as I stood in front of the building that my wallet with the key card was no longer with me. To emphasize the point, a strong breeze came up and blew the framed art I was carrying with me against the building, breaking the glass. Nice. I couldn't even go shopping, so I went home and took a nap and considered the day a wash. We wound up going to Nina's party, where we played a very nice game of Carcasonne (shadowdaddy won) and Nina conveniently forgot that the reason we were just "finally" coming over to her house for games is because she FORGOT the last time that she had invited me. Then the Doctor Pepper kept me up late, and the sunshine and stress woke me up too early.

I'm hoping to go to water aerobics at Medgar Evers pool with Cathy and motomotoyama tonight, if I can get out of here at 5:30. Otherwise we're feeling overbooked and Worthy Opponent is cancelling our tickets to the play tonight so he can finish working on the shower and I can feel less stressed out during what I suspect is going to be a very busy week: class Tuesday, two EMG meetings and late night code prop Wednesday, puppet opera on Friday. Lordy. I'm sure I forgot something for Thursday ...
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Sea dragon

Daily life in Pioneer Square

It's sunny but cool outside. I just got back from lunch at Bakeman's, meatloaf and fixin's, which included homemade mashed potatoes that were incredibly good. Now I'm supposed to launch into a bunch more testing but I don't really know what to hit anymore other than unsupported configurations and bandwidth testing. I feel really tense, like I could get fired any minute for not doing the job right (either from stuff like this or more substantial problems like incompetence). I felt like all of these little voices were chattering in my head on the way over to the restaurant, and I was glad to be outside. I'll feel much better when this product is out the door and I start to feel like I've proven my worth to the company somewhat ... or that I'm jobless, but at least the stress will have ended.

There's my two minutes of screwing off, now I'm going to get some water and hit the lab again.
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Sea dragon

Damn my lemming like hide

Despite my best intentions, I have somehow been roped into seeing The Matrix: Reloaded on the day after it opens at 4:45 (at the Cinerama, of course). Oh well, I did have every intention to wait until we got back from New Mexico before we went, but this offer was just too good to turn down since it didn't involve leaving work particularly early.