May 6th, 2003

Sea dragon

Sangria de Mayo

Decided to invite Cathy over for post-water aerobics enchiladas, then got inspired by the holiday and made up another batch of sangria. Next thing you know we were playing Settlers of Cataan and Worthy Opponent had mostly forgotten about the work he was supposed to do in the shower. It was a good night, and once again it is going to be a very busy day at work as I try to finish up testing before the release tomorrow.
Sea dragon

Blog politics

As expected, my comments about Parrot Fever offended my friend (?) Adam. He's clearly not aware that I've been ticked off at him since December, and the fact that he's only ever seen me more or less accidentally in public since December doesn't seem to have registered with him as anything other than a coincidence. Even after my big discussion with shadowdaddy and dagmar_b Saturday night, I remain somewhat in the dark about why I am so angry with him after he said he did not want me to use real names in my comments in his blog (he's svenbob at blogspot if you feel like looking, I'm not going to bother to link to it). My response and its duration are not in keeping with the offense. Ideas like "fed up" and "selfish" seem to resonate, but six months of anger after 12 years of being friends seems a little hard to figure out. Is our friendship actually over, and did it just take me a couple of years to figure out that there was nothing left? (And seriously, how did he miss that he wasn't actually invited over for Thanksgiving this year, for the first time in what, a decade?)

Fer crap sake, Worthy Opponent gave him my work phone number so he could talk to me instead of flaming me. I don't need that kind of crap! I'm busy, blogging aside!
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Sea dragon

Random end of day rant

I was thinking last night that it would be good if the Democrats would get their shit together and organize around one candidate ASAP. It is so important that George Bush be removed from power, that is, if we're even still a democracy and they don't halt elections that year because of, I don't know, terrorist threats. Instead, yet another person announced they're running for the D nomination, as if running were more important that the winning that I fear only unity can bring. Instead, the D's are going to waste a bunch of money and time fighting each other while King Bush sits around on his throne and waits for the bloody survivor to come close enough to his big cash cow for a royal smiting. Will Nader ever admit just what crimes he is responsible fore?

In other news, I am thinking that perhaps I will make this my last flamenco class if I feel like crying during class again like I did last time. I would hate to up and quit on motomotoyama but I need to cut my losses if I'm really not enjoying myself and right now I'm thinking that I would rather go see Chicago again tonight than go to class.
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