May 12th, 2003

Sea dragon

Flowery weekend

The weekend featured games, games, and more games, with flowers and more flowers (plus chicken and dumplings). There should be more games this week, as I am game testing the new offering from Cranium tonight, and at some point I need to get back the bag of games I foolishly left at the Seattle Gamer's place in Ballard (including the Cataan expansion pack, damn!). It was a good weekend, except for two dreams, one in which I had to try to keep someone from abducting one of my friends who reads this regularly (I don't want to say her name lest it upset her), and another (last night) in which one of my old friends from Tempe explained away her new russian accent as a way to get back at me for being such a stuck-up bitch. And I wonder why I'm so tired this morning.
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Sea dragon

Can I come down from Chicago and enter - the real world?

It's hard to be so excited about the sequel to The Matrix and to have to turn away from all of the media articles that might provide spoilers. Just one article in Entertainment Weekly told me much too much. I want to be surprised by new characters, not get to know their cleavage intimately before we meet face to face. But the New York Times has an article that's informative without telling too much:

"A man learns that his life is a dream; to realize his full potential (or self-actualize), he must break through to the "real" reality ... For the Gnostics, this prison was a consequence of mankind's imperfect creation; for Baudrillard, the upshot of our materialism and dependence on technology; for paranoid science fiction writers like Dick, a plot by nefarious government entities with access to advanced technology to control our destinies."